Suspend, on


SetTimer, Close, 5000
SetTimer, Open, 5000
SetTitleMatchMode, 2

IfWinNotExist, Notepad
Msgbox, NotDetected

IfWinExist, Notepad
Msgbox, Detected

The above script does not behave as I would expect. I would expect that when it loads, it is suspended immediately (it does this). I would then expect that when I toggle suspend, a message box is displayed every 5s depending whether notepad.exe is open.

What actually happens is that it loads suspended, but when I toggle suspend, nothing happens.

What am I doing incorrectly here to have the Open/Close loop every 5s after toggling suspend.


Going to leave this here for posterity.

There's a difference between "suspend" and "pause" - one handles hotkeys, the other is the actual script thread. I needed the latter.

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