I am working on a question that asks me to solve for the weighted average of my dependent variable (hourly wage) by using the weight of my independent variable (which is a discrete variable that has 16 categories and more than 300,000 observations). as you can see below. enter image description here

how am I suppose to generate the weighted variable for a variable that has so many observations?

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    posting a question here doesn't count as working on it – elc Jan 12 at 1:08

First you should determine whether the weights of x are sampling weights, frequency weights or analytic weights. Then, if y is your dependent variable and x_weights is the variable that contains the weights for your independent variable, type in:

mean y [pweight = x_weight] for sampling (probability) weights

mean y [fweight = x_weight] for frequency weights

mean y [aweight = x_weight] for analytic weights

You can find a nice summary of these different options here, as well as information on the more specialized option iweight.

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