I have a Laravel application that was not developed by me. There is some weird bar at the bottom of each page, it is some type of Laravel debugger tool.

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I believe it is stored in storage/debugger. Is there a safe way I can go about checking to see if this is actually it and if so can I delete this type of tool without it affecting the application? Does anybody know what this thing is if so any advice on how to remove this safely would be greatly appreciated


Navigate to .env and set


Errors & Logging Laravel Doc's

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    Thanks Abdulla, you da man!!! It worked just fine! – user9006369 Jan 12 '18 at 6:42
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    I have never accepted before, I did not know that was a thing :). – user9006369 Jan 12 '18 at 6:47
  • @Russell users who answer for you will not request money, they just need upvote+accept (best answer). So its good to react with all your solved questions – Abdulla Nilam Jan 12 '18 at 6:49
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    This will change how debugging works in your application all together. You will receive less information when in your development environment. This is definitely not a suggested way to do this. – Ohgodwhy Jan 12 '18 at 6:50
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    @Ohgodwhy, I understand your point, and that is good advice, but development has been completed! I was just getting rid of that debugbar. – user9006369 Jan 12 '18 at 6:53

Best option:

Add DEBUGBAR_ENABLED=false to your .env

This has some advantages over Abdulla Nilam's answer:

  • Debugbar is totally disabled

  • You can keep APP_DEBUG=true, hence still keep error details for local development

  • It is not tracked by git

  • Thanks, @ArnSoos. simple solution, u save my some hour – Faridul Khan Oct 21 '18 at 6:53
  • Very nice. This was perfect. – timothymarois Apr 20 at 2:12
  • This is the best answer for me, thanks! – Bahman.A Aug 1 at 18:32

Remove Laravel Debugbar

- If you want to totally remove the package, then do these steps:

  1. $ composer remove vendor/barryvdh/laravel-debugbar
  2. $ composer update

Disable Laravel Debugbar

Option 1: Via Env File

- If you want disable the package, without it getting tracked by Git:

  1. Navigate to your .env file

Option 2: Via AppServiceProvider

- From @Ohgodwhy's answer

- FYI: This will be tracked by Git. - @Salam

  1. Navigate to app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php
  2. Put this code \Debugbar::disable();

    class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
        public function boot()
  • Disabling from boot() in AppServiceProvider will be tracked by git. FYI – Salam Jan 2 at 3:39
  • this is what i want DEBUGBAR_ENABLED env variable – Manojkiran.A Mar 13 at 4:18

You can execute composer remove barryvdh/laravel-debugbar to permanently remove it.

Note you can also just disable the debug bar if you don't want it:

Just put \Debugbar::disable(); in your AppServiceProvider.

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    This seems like a permanent removal. I will keep this in mind for the future. I used Abdullas suggestion above because it was a bit faster :), Thank you for your advice and contribution. – user9006369 Jan 12 '18 at 6:45
  • The second one is much better if you don't want to use debugbar temporarily but enable the APP_DEBUG=true. – Ryan Monreal Apr 25 '18 at 3:11
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    This would not work if there is a composer.lock file present because composer install will use this instead, and will have been generated from an previous version of composer.json. You need to run composer update instead, which will use your modified composer.json and generate the composer.lock based on that. The idea is you run update in development and deploy the lock file then only ever use install in production. This way you are guaranteed the same version as in testing right down to the minor version. Also you don't need to manually delete anything from vendor. – Col South Dec 31 '18 at 14:22

Enabling/Disabling on run time.

You can enable or disable the debugbar during run time.

Add this into your .env file:


In runtime:


Or remove everything

composer remove barryvdh/laravel-debugbar


I am using this way:

In config/debugbar.php

'inject'          => false, // this remove Inject Debugbar in Response

In this way I am keeping .php error enable.

Another way is to disable completely.

 'enabled'         => false, 

To enable just debug-bar and disable it for session and Ajax request

'enabled'         => true, 


'storage'         => [
        'enabled'    => false, // DebugBar stores data for session/ajax requests.


 'capture_ajax'    => false,
  • This is great, but my question is why there is no debugbar.php in my config folder, is it something i have to add manually or is it supposed to be there since i'm using laravel 5.5 and have debugbar working in my sandbox server? – Bahman.A Aug 1 at 18:35

I removed barryvdh/laravel-debugbar from my composer.json. When I wanted to do composer install or composer update or even php artisan config:cache I got error

Class 'Barryvdh\Debugbar\ServiceProvider' not found 

If fact the solution was removing boostrap/cache/config.php, because barryvdh/laravel-debugbar was cached (php artisan config:cache could not remove it)

Good luck!

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