From this http://www.rubydoc.info/github/Shopify/active_merchant/ActiveMerchant%2FBilling%2FBase.gateway

I should just initialize an instance of active_merchant using this

gateway = ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base.gateway( gateway_name ).new(
:username => :some_credential 
:password => :some_other_credential

But I don't know :username or :password in advance, however they are in the fixtures file https://github.com/activemerchant/active_merchant/blob/master/test/fixtures.yml here. So how to do this properly?

For an example, in the fixtures.yml file we can see this..

adyen: username: '' password: '' merchant_account: ''

Accordingly we can initialize with this..

gateway = ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base.gateway( 'adien' ).new(
username:         => :some_credential 
password:         => :some_other_credential
merchant_account: => some_more_credential

I need to be able to initialize the gateway instance without hard-coding the username:, password: and merchant_account: parameters in the above example.

Thanks in advance!


You should take a look at environment variables. They let you define variables in a safe palce and refer to them when needed.

Somewhere you would define PASSWORD=mysecretpassword and then in the Rails code you refer to it as ENV["PASSWORD"]

There are many ways of doing this. Take a look here:


  • I was asking for a way without hardcoding the "username:" and "password:" and "merchant_account:" into the example code, and not the ":some_credential", ":some_other_credential" parts (where your solution would obviously solve). I think I was mistaken picking the term "credentials parameters", so editing now... – Hossam Hossny Jan 17 '18 at 10:56

The username, password, and merchant_account are instance variables so you need to change them with instance_variable_set

gateway.instance_variable_set(:@username, :some_username)
gateway.instance_variable_set(:@password, :some_password)
gateway.instance_variable_set(:@merchant_account, :some_merchant_account)
  • but that can only be true for the adien example.. what to do in case the gateway requires just two credentials like @username and @password? What if just requires one credential like @apikey? – Hossam Hossny Jul 15 '18 at 21:54

I think i can answer my own question. One should pass every different initialization with its own hash..

require 'active_merchant'

    settings = {name: 'braintree_blue', merchant_id: 'x', public_key: 'y', private_key: 'z'}
    another_settings = {name: 'trust_commerce', login: 'TestMerchant', password: 'password'}

Gateway = ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base::gateway(settings[:name]).new(settings)
Another_Gateway = ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base::gateway(another_settings[:name]).new(another_settings)

puts Gateway.options
puts Another_Gateway.options

Note that I could pass different options without the need to hardcode any keys, which is what i desired.

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