I want restrict uploading file in fileInput in Shiny but if I use parameter accept like

fileInput("file_input","Choose your file",accept =".csv")

so I can upload all type file like txt.

Is it any choice how to accept uploading only csv? Thank you.

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You may write comma seperated values inside a txt file, that's why it gives you a possibility to upload txt probably.

But you can do something like this on the server where you read the file, to cut it's name into pieces by . symbol, and check if the last piece (which is it's extension) is the extension you need:

name1 <- strsplit(input$file_input$name, split = ".", fixed = TRUE)[[1]]

      if (name1[length(name1)] == "csv") {
        # ... do something
      } else {
        # throw an error

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