I have a string variable line="foo bar". I want to read it into two variables, $foo and $bar.

My code doesn't work:

read foo bar < <($line)

This results in:

-bash: foo: command not found
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read -r foo bar <<< "$line"
  • <(list): this is called a process substitution. The list is executed and the output is then referred to using a filename. $line expands to foo bar, bash then tries to execute foo with one argument, bar. Thus the error foo: command not found

  • <<< word: this is called a here string. word gets expanded and the result is supplied as a single string with a newline appended. $line expands to "foo bar" and is correctly supplied to the read command

  • -r: used so that read doesn't mangle any backslashes

You could also change your code like this (here string is better):

read -r foo bar < <(echo "$line")

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