I`m trying to add an edge to a toolbar in mxGraph. Vertex following the examples i can do it perfectly. But edges i can't do it, someone can help me? I declare a link style, but it doesn't work.

            var addVertex = function(icon, w, h, style)
                var vertex = new mxCell(null, new mxGeometry(0, 0, w, h), style);

                var img = addToolbarItem(graph, toolbar, vertex, icon);
                img.enabled = true;

                graph.getSelectionModel().addListener(mxEvent.CHANGE, function()
                    var tmp = graph.isSelectionEmpty();
                    mxUtils.setOpacity(img, (tmp) ? 100 : 20);
                    img.enabled = tmp;

            addVertex('images/rectangle.gif', 100, 40, '');
            addVertex('images/rounded.gif', 100, 40, 'shape=link');
            addVertex('images/ellipse.gif', 40, 40, 'shape=ellipse');
            addVertex('images/rhombus.gif', 40, 40, 'shape=rhombus');
            addVertex('images/triangle.gif', 40, 40, 'shape=triangle');
            addVertex('images/cylinder.gif', 40, 40, 'shape=cylinder');
            addVertex('images/actor.gif', 30, 55, 'shape=umlActor');
  • this will create a generic celll. var cell = new mxCell(null, new mxGeometry(0, 0, w, h), style); and this will make that cell Vertex cell.setVertex(true); and this will make that cell Edge cell.setEdge(true); – Shaybi Jan 15 at 13:22
  • 1
    I tried it, but when i put setEdge(true) i can't drop my shape at the graph. – Tailson Andrade Jan 15 at 18:36

I think you can edit XML file of the toolbar you want to add edge to it, just like adding new cell to the toolbar

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