In my reactive Java 9 Spring Boot 2 with Spring HATEOAS application, I have a REST API returning Mono<Resources<Resource<T>>>. In the application layer, I'd like the data to be Mono<List<T>> but how can I concisely map Mono<Resources<Resource<T>>> to Mono<List<T>>?

I was expecting something like:

public Mono<List<Order>> orders() {
    return rest.orders()
        .map(r -> r.getContent())

but this fails to compile because List does not define<Resource<Order>>. The rest.orders() returns Mono<Resources<Resource<Order>>>. Any ideas?

  • Mono doesn't have a collect method either. – 4castle Jan 13 at 1:50
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A (memory-sloshing) solution:

public Mono<List<Order>> orders() {
    return rest.orders()
        .map(r -> toList(r));

private List<Order> toList(Resources<Resource<Order>> resources) {
    List<Order> orders = new ArrayList<>();
    resources.forEach(r -> orders.add(r.getContent());
    return orders;

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