Here is my code below

dvar float+ x; /* daily quantity of t-shirts*/
dvar float+ y; /* daily quantity of shorts */

maximize 6*x + 10*y; /* maximize the daily profit from t-shirts and shorts*/

subject to{
20/60*x + 10/60*y <=176; /* cutting department labour constraint*/
20/60*x + 50/60*y <=400; /* sewing department labour constraint*/
10/60*x + 10/60*y <= 96; /* packaging department labour constraint*/
x >= 100; /* minimum daily demand for t-shirts*/

i want to find a range for unit profit where optimal solution doesn't change by finding the co-efficiency of objective function. thanks.

See "Sensitivity Analysis" at documentation

IDE and OPL > Optimization Programming Language (OPL) > Language User’s Manual > The application areas > Applications of linear and integer programming > Linear programming


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