It is a couple of days I'm struggling in mounting a samba shared directory in Ubuntu 16. I read all the relative posts but still cannot find a solution.

Here is the command I use:

e sudo mount -vt cifs -o username=sdea,sec=ntlmssp,vers=1.0 // /home/sdea/jess

and the error i get:

mount.cifs kernel mount options: ip=,unc=\\\sdea,sec=ntlmssp,vers=1.0,user=sdea,pass=********

mount error(13): Permission denied

I can mount this directory on my Mac and on Ubuntu 14 (on another machine), without any sort of problem. So, I'm sure my credentials are right. I also tried to include different "sec" options like sec=nltm,nltmv2 etc.. but nothing. I always get permission denied.

The version of the cifs-utils installed is 6.3, the linux kernel is 4.13.0-26-generic. I don't have sudo privileges on the server, but the configuration should be right since I can mount the share on different machines.

Do some of you have some clue on what the problem could be?

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The Kernel 4.13 has introduced changes in SMB, Have a look at Linux kernel 4.13 and SMB protocol version fun for mor info.

In my case, the only thing that worked was a Kernel downgrade.

If I was you, I would try first to changing the vers=1.0 to vers=2.0 and/or vers=3.0

  • I indeed tried the different "vers" options. However, even for me, the only solution was a kernel downgrade. Thanks for your answer! – Salvo89 Jan 16 '18 at 10:49

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