I'd like to find a way to count the total number of other edge ends the primary edge is attached to for all edges in a network and set as an attribute for each edge in R using igraph (or any other package)

I understand the igraph package has a variety of tools that may get the job done. Being new to the package, I'm not certain which combination of functions will give me the desired output.

I guess the workflow would look something like the following

get the graph

g <- sample_gnp(10, 1/10)

set vertex attribute equal to degree

g %>% set_vertex_attr("deg", value = degree(g))
# of course, this doesn't work. So sorry, I'm new to igraph

write a function to execute the following

edge attribute = (total sum of the degree of connected vertices) - (the number of connected vertices) 

Any help would be appreciated

  • It's difficult to understand what you are trying to count exactly. – Deena Jan 13 '18 at 14:30
  • Thank you for your quick response Deena. I'm trying to measure edge connectivity in a transportation network. If the edges are roads, I'd like to measure the total number of roads each road is linked too. For example, in an isolated T intersection, each link is connected to 2 other roads. I'd like an attribute value for each road equal to 2 (number of connected edges). If I can solve this problem on a small scale (g, above) then I should be able to scale it up to my network. – Daniel Patterson Jan 13 '18 at 14:47

You could set the vertex attribute with

degrees <- degree(gr)
gr <- set_vertex_attr(gr, name="degr", value=degrees)

and calculate the second task maybe like this

sum(degrees) - sum(degree > 0)

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