I have problem with get data from switch in thymeleaf.

I do it in this way, for normal data without switch it works:

    <td th:attr="id='datewo' + ${employee.empEvidenceNumber}">
        <span th:text="${employee.empFirstWorkDay}"></span>

and my jQuery to show data from this row I can display in my modal input field:

var empDepartmentId = $('#dep' + empEvidenceNumber).text();

but this jQuery code doesn't display data from thymeleaf switch:

    <td>Jest kierownikiem</td>
    <td th:attr="id='isman' + ${employee.empEvidenceNumber}">
        <div th:switch="${employee.empIsManager}">
            <span th:case="1" th:text="tak"></span>
            <span th:case="*" th:text="nie"></span>

I tried to set this id attribute in div and for span components but still nothing. How can I do it?

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