I am trying to find how to print a picture (as in on paper) in C#. I'm trying to keep it very simple. So no use of WinForms and just using Console output.

I looked for an answer myself, but couldn't make sense of any of the results.


You necessarily don't need a WinForm application to do printing. JUst use PrintDocument and DrawImage class and you can do somthing like this:

PrintDocument pd = new PrintDocument();
pd.PrintPage += (thesender, ev) => {
        ev.Graphics.DrawImage(Image.FromFile("Your Image Path"), 
        //This is to keep image in margins of the Page.
        new PointF(ev.MarginBounds.Left,ev.MarginBounds.Top));

Hope that Helps. (I have used Lambada and Anonymous Delegate to handle the Event, I f you dont understand that please tell i will post the normal version)


Isn't it as simple as sending the byte stream of the picture to a C# printing library? just like how you would print any other document, like a PDF say, which is actually a collection of images. And the settings of say alignment, layout, B/W or color will then be printer-specific.

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