When you create file in CLion, the following header is placed in the top of file:

// Created by <username> on 14.01.18.

Someone can remove this header by go to SettingsEditorFile and Code TemplatesIncludesC File Header. There will be text:

// Created by $USER_NAME on ${DATE}.
// Copyright (c) $YEAR ${ORGANIZATION_NAME}#if (!$ORGANIZATION_NAME.endsWith(".")).#end All rights reserved.

I can delete this text and header will be removed. But looks like if I set $HEADER_COMMENTS variable to false then header will be removed too. So my question is:

What is $HEADER_COMMENTS variable and how can I change it?


See https://www.jetbrains.com/help/clion/creating-and-editing-file-templates.html

It is always true and for testing purposes, whatever this means

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