I'm wondering if there's a way to tell which ghc version a binary was built with. Major version is enough, specifically ghc 7 vs ghc 8.

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According to the documentation, you can use the --info RTS flag:

$ ./a.out +RTS --info
[("GHC RTS", "YES")
,("GHC version", "6.7")
,("RTS way", "rts_p")
,("Host platform", "x86_64-unknown-linux")
,("Host architecture", "x86_64")
,("Host OS", "linux")
,("Host vendor", "unknown")
,("Build platform", "x86_64-unknown-linux")
,("Build architecture", "x86_64")
,("Build OS", "linux")
,("Build vendor", "unknown")
,("Target platform", "x86_64-unknown-linux")
,("Target architecture", "x86_64")
,("Target OS", "linux")
,("Target vendor", "unknown")
,("Word size", "64")
,("Compiler unregisterised", "NO")
,("Tables next to code", "YES")

Among other things, this lists the GHC version.

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    "GHC version", "6.7". 6.7? Have I gone back in time by a decade? EDIT: Oh, it's a copy paste from the docs which were produced about 10 years ago, ok. – Thomas M. DuBuisson Jan 14 at 0:38
  • Is it possible to get this information from inside of a program (without inspecting it own binary)? – Petr Pudlák Jan 14 at 8:47
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    @PetrPudlák Use System.Info.compilerName/Version – chi Jan 14 at 9:38

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