I've got an array a and b, and I need the correct bash syntax to compare array elements in this for loop:

for ((x=0;x<10;x++)); do
    if [ "$a[$x+1]" -gt "$a[$x]" ]; then
    if [ "$a[$x+1]" -lt "$a[$x]" ]; then 

How do I get bash to correctly assign a value of 1 to array element b[x+1] when the array element a[x+1] is greater than a[x]?

So if array element a[1] is greater than a[0], then b[1]=1?

An easier way to ask this question, and that would be more simple, would be:

How do I have it know if array element 1 is greater than 0?

 if [ "$a[1]" -gt "$a[0]" ]; 
 echo element 1  greater than element 0

The above code gives UNEXPECTED END OF FILE, as if I'm missing some syntax. Anyone know this BASH syntax?

UPDATE: So this is the script file:

 declare -a a
 declare -a b
 readarray a < arraydatafile 

 for ((x=0;x<5;x++)); 
 if [ "${a[$x+1]}" -gt "${a[$x]}" ]; 



root@debian:/home/l0l/Documents/# bash script

script line 8: [: 2 : integer expression expected script: line 8: [: 1 : integer expression expected script: line 8: [: 4 : integer expression expected script: line 8: [: 5 : integer expression expected script: line 8: [: 4 : integer expression expected

Anyone know the exact syntax?

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    Your syntax is incorrect. There is no '$' before assignments and you access values in arrays with, e.g. ${a[$((x+1))]} or where no addition on the index takes place ${a[$x]} (or for indexed array ${a[x]}) – David C. Rankin Jan 14 '18 at 6:58
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    I suggest to add a done and a fi. – Cyrus Jan 14 '18 at 7:02
  • This might help: How to debug a bash script? – Cyrus Jan 14 '18 at 7:34

I suggest this syntax:

if [ "${a[$x+1]}" -gt "${a[$x]}" ]; then  # with { and }
  b[x+1]=1                                # without $
  • While bash lets you get away with it, I always use the arithmetic operator when additions are made. For indexed arrays bash also allows ${a[x]} – David C. Rankin Jan 14 '18 at 6:59

In bash the lt or gt conditionals require an integer value. If the contents of arraydatafile doesn't contain strictly integers you will receive the errors you are dealing with.

You should use the following to push arraydatafile into an array;

declare -a a; a=($(cat arraydatafile))

When dealing with comparisons of arrays you can use of the comm binary.

For example:

$(comm -13 <(printf '%s\n' "${a[@]}"|sort -u) <(printf '%s\n' "${b[@]}"|sort -u)))

That snippit will compare arrays a & b and provide an intersection of the two. For more information about the use of comm see the man pages; i.e. man comm.

  • b[[$((x+1))]=1 ?? and aren't array elements accessed with, e.g. ${a[$((x+1))]} ? – David C. Rankin Jan 14 '18 at 6:59
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    The array index is an arithmetic context so you can simply use ${a[x+1]} – tripleee Jan 14 '18 at 7:28

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