Was unable to install the package ‘subgraphMining’. The error says "is not available (for R version 3.4.3)". What steps are needed?

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There is a package named subgraphMining which you can find by searching with Google using that term. (It's not a CRAN or Github hosted package.) It's found at a book website, http://www.csc.ncsu.edu/faculty/samatova/practical-graph-mining-with-R/PracticalGraphMiningWithR.html . It does require an additional package named igraph0 and there is an answered question on SO describing that issue. The igraph0 package is likewise not "available" for the current version of R but it is in the CRAN archives. So you also need the development tools for your OS (Mac in my case, so XCode and the Command Line Tools).

siteURL <- "https://www.csc2.ncsu.edu/faculty/nfsamato/practical-graph-mining-with-R/R-code/FrequentSubgraphMining.zip"
# Since I'm not a windoze user I unzip to a local disk.

     repo=NULL, type="source")
# I downloaded the package from the chapter: Frequent Subgraph Mining 
    repo=NULL, type="source")

It's not written particularly well. It doesn't, for instance, list any Imports or Depends in the package DESCRIPTION file and the author of igraph thinks that the package authors should have rewritten it to use the igraph package which is currently maintained. But I think that there is quite a bit of potential value in having its installation be possible in support of what appears to be a rather interesting set of methods described in hte book.

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