Anyone knows the best way to deploy yii2 framework web app on azure?. And is there any resource of how to connect database on azure.

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You can using App Service/Web App. Follow these steps:

  1. Push your app to github/bitbucket or whatever (I am using github)
  2. Open https://portal.azure.com and login into your account
  3. Go to Create resource -> Web -> Web App
  4. Fill up the form and click create button
  5. After successfully created, open your created resource
  6. Click Deployment Center -> Github -> Continue -> Kudu -> Continue
  7. Choose your group, repository and branch -> Finish

Install Composer:

  1. Click Console
  2. Follow this instruction
  3. Execute php composer.phar install -vv
  4. Execute chmod +777 assets
  5. Don't forget to check the requirement here: https://yourdomain.com/requirements.php

Setup entry point:

  1. Click Application Setting
  2. Choose appropriate PHP version (7.X)
  3. Go to Virtual applications and directories (At the bottom)
  4. Change site\wwwroot to site\wwwroot\web
  5. Save

Your Yii2 app should be running now.

To connect Azure Database just simply create the database on Azure, copy server name into db.php. If you want to test your app from localhost using Azure Database, don't forget to whitelist your public IP address on Database Firewall Setting


You can check this blog, though it is referring using the Classic Portal you can follow similar steps in the New Portal. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/azureossds/2015/07/23/migrate-yii-framework-application-to-azure-web-app/

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