I get into trouble when using autoload. For example:

My Model: Dataload.php

public static function footer(){
        $text = "Copyright © 2018 MyCompany";

My View : view.php

<p class="xxx"><?php echo dataload::footer() ?></p>

It's possible to show. But for this problem :

| id   | name       | email_status |
| 01   | Erick      | send         |
| 02   | Maya       | send         |
| 03   | Michael    | pending      |

My Model : Dataload.php

public function emailsend(){
    return $this->db->query('SELECT COUNT(*) as total FROM user WHERE email_status = "send"');

My View:

<i class="ti ti-email"></i><span class="badge badge-primary"><?php echo dataload::emailsend() ?></span><span>Email</span>

So, why data does not show?

The result should show "2": enter image description here

NB : forgive me for my english :-)

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Change the function in model:

public function emailsend(){
    $q = $this->db->query('SELECT * FROM user WHERE email_status = "send"'); // you can select user_id here
    return $q->num_rows(); // this will return count    

then use above function in view.

NOTE: replace '*' with specific unique id. no need to select all the records.
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Using active record:

public function get_count(){
    $this-db->where('email_status', 'send');
    return $this->db->get('user')->count_all_results();


$count = $this->model->get_count();
var_dump($count); //outputs int of count

Notice this method isn't static, so we aren't using ::, also it's considered bad practice to call a model method from the view in CI

  • I agree that calling a model from a view breaks the MVC pattern. But since the call is to a static (I assume the missing qualifier is a typo) it's not really any different than using a var passed to the view or of using a constant. There are a lot of people that will object to the use of static in OO PHP which IMO is the bigger question.
    – DFriend
    Jan 15, 2018 at 17:59

You need to generate and return some "results" from the query. Also, as shown, emailsend() is not defined as static so the call dataload::emailsend() is going to fail.

public static function emailsend(){
    //use method chaining instead of multiple lines with $this->db
    return $this->db
                ->query('SELECT COUNT(id) as total FROM user WHERE email_status = "send"')
                ->row() //the query results
                ->total; //the item of interest in results

I'm just asking for the 'id' field. No point in asking for all with '*'. Query should be quicker asking only for one.

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