I am working on Android TV app and have to stream some videos. I am facing problem in playing m3u8 videos in videoview. Videoview is not working fine in all the devices. So I tried GoogleExo player and Vitamio - it seems like both does not suppport m3u8 videos.

Does anyone know how to play m3u8 videos on android?


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By m3u8 if you mean HLS videos, Google's ExoPlayer supports that. Also if you don't want to use ExoPlayer, android mediaplayer api has limited support for HLS stream from android 4.0.

I would suggest if you can spend some money on purchasing some thirdparty players, they'll give the best playabck experience and features. Refer the following players

  1. NexStreaming
  2. Akamai
  3. Brightcove
  4. JW Player - Its built on top of exoplayer

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