How do I store Unicode characters in a text file in separate lines using C++? I tried using \n and \r; also with their hex values. But, in the .txt file \n and \r are read as garbage values.

Here is the code snippet:

    std::wofstream wof;
    wof.imbue(std::locale(std::locale::empty(), new std::codecvt_utf16<wchar_t, 
    0x10ffff, std::generate_header>));
    wof << L"Test.\x263a \x263c \x263d \x263e A:B:C, 我一个人来  人人都爱喝可乐。 " << endl;
    wof << L"\n  Another test. \x002c \x263a \263e" << endl;
    wof << L"\n  我一个人来。      一个人     我一个人来  人人都爱喝可乐。" << endl;
    wof << L" Test \x263a \x263c \x263d \x263e 我一个人来  人人都爱喝可乐。 " << endl;
    wof << L"\n 我一个人来  人人都爱喝可乐。" << endl;

Open the file in binary as shown and add BOM marker L"\xFEFF" to indicate the file is UTF-16 (LE) mode. With this method you need pubsetbuf

Use L"\r\n" for end of line

std::wofstream wof(L"file3.txt", std::ios::binary);
    wchar_t buf[128];
    wof.rdbuf()->pubsetbuf(buf, 128);

    wof << L"\xFEFF";

    wof << L"Test.\x263a \x263c \x263d \x263e A:B:C, 我一个人来  人人都爱喝可乐。\r\n";
    wof << L"Another test. \x002c \x263a \263e\r\n";
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