I'm using Visual Studio 2017 (latest version 15.5.3) and Beyond Compare as a diff tool and git as version control. Usually, when I double click on a changed file in the 'Changes' window, Beyond Compare opens and the diffs are shown. A couple of days ago the behavior changed. Now a double click opens the file itself in the editor instead of opening my diff tool.

When I want to view the diffs, I have to select 'Compare with unmodified...' from the context menu. So the diff tool itself still works fine. Only the behavior of the double click changed, which is quite annoying.

I searched the settings for a configuration, but didn't find anything. Did anyone experience the same behavior? How can I change it back?

Kind regards, Ash


Strange no one else had this problem yet...

Finally, I downloaded the VS installer and executed repair option. After it finished, the problem disappeared.

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