We have a UWP app in c# which will write data to a file and then it will open the same file to view/edit. I am using Launcher.LaunchFileAsync command to launch the file. It works fine in debug mode but its now launching the file in release mode.

    StorageFile launchFile = await ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder.GetFileAsync(@"xxx\zzz-files\" + fileName);
    Log.Debug("UWP launch default app: " + launchFile.Path);
    Log.Debug("UWP launch default app: " + launchFile.Name);
       var success = await Launcher.LaunchFileAsync(launchFile);
       Log.Debug("UWP launch default app success: " + success);

Log file shows the correct file path and filename. I could open the file from file explorer. Success is always "false". There are no error messages in the log or in console.


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