I'm using Glide to load an image from an API. I am using a gif to show loading before the image loads so initially I used specific 250dp of height of imageview and once the image loads properly, I'm setting the height as WRAP_CONTENT and scaletype of FIT_XY inside onResourceReady of glide listener. But here, sometimes image loads with its full height and other times when I scroll up it again loads the same image in same imageview with compressed height, it seems onResourceReady is getting executed the not all the times. `Glide.with(context)

                .listener(new RequestListener<String, GlideDrawable>() {
                    public boolean onException(Exception e, String model, Target<GlideDrawable> target, boolean isFirstResource) {
                        return false;

                    public boolean onResourceReady(GlideDrawable resource, String model, Target<GlideDrawable> target, boolean isFromMemoryCache, boolean isFirstResource) {
                        LinearLayout.LayoutParams params=new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(ViewGroup.LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT, ViewGroup.LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT);
                        ((ViewHolder6) holder).card_gallary1_img1.setLayoutParams(params);
                        ((ViewHolder6) holder).card_gallary1_img1.setScaleType(ImageView.ScaleType.FIT_XY);
                        return false;
                .into(((ViewHolder6) holder).card_gallary1_img1);`

Xml is


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