I have a web page loading a iframe (inside a modal Fancybox) and this iframe contains a form with 2 pages. I want this iframe content to ask the parent to trig a function (so the modal can be resized when the 2nd page of the form is shown)


When executed in the iframe, it doesn't work because it needs to be in parent context. So far, I managed to do it with binding a click on the "next page" button inside the iFrame.

    $('body iframe').contents().find('.goToPage2').bind('click', function (e) {               

This was working.

But now, I have to do it without waiting for a click (it has to happen after getting an ajax response). So I tried to bind a "show" action, and make a div appear with after(), but it didn't work.

    $('body iframe').contents().find('#page2').bind('show', function (e) {               

I also tried to reach the parent directly from the iframe but with no luck in my case (fancybox) :

    $('#page2', window.parent.document).fancybox.update();

If anyone can explain how I can achieve this, I will be grateful :-)

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    change $('#page2', window.parent.document).fancybox to window.parent.$.fancybox - or just parent.$.fancybox - because window.parent is the windows parent "window" object, on which the parent windows $ object resides, which has the fancybox object – Jaromanda X Jan 17 '18 at 9:47
  • have you tried "window.top" to get the parent window object from inside iframe? – Hanif Jan 17 '18 at 9:50
  • Jaromanda X solution worked ! You can post it as the answer ;-) – c13303 Jan 17 '18 at 12:23

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