I am using PouchDB on client side and CouchDB on server side. My client need to replicate data from the server using a filter.

Here is the client code I am using:

_db.replicate.from(_remote_db, {
                filter: "repl/myfilter",
                live: false,
                retry: true,
                query_params: {
                    group: '11'
            }).on('change', (info) => {
                dbReplChangeHandler(_db, _db_analytics, info, deferred);

While the design document in the couchDB database is :

  "_id": "_design/repl",
  "_rev": "19-3848f574d651345540379c06b67699bb",
  "filters": {
    "myfilter": "function (doc, req){return true;}"

The client is still not able to replicate from the server throwing this error timeout,{gen_server,call,\n [couch_proc_manager,}

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    Please, could you complete the error trace? Also, you can check if GET /db/_changes?filter=repl/myfilter is working. – Juanjo Rodriguez Jan 17 '18 at 13:15

The issue seems to be with couchdb 2.1.1 (I confirmed this behavior on a Mac, don't know if it exist on other platforms). Is quite simple to reproduce:

1) Create a test database

curl -vX PUT http://localhost/testdb

2) Populate with documents

for i in {1..5}; do curl -vX PUT http://localhost/testdb/00$i -d '{"type":"A", "description":"Document 00$i"}'; done;

3) Test that you can see the documents

curl -X GET http://localhost/testdb/_changes?since=0

You'll see an output similar to the following:


4) Create a simple 'accept all' filter

curl -vX PUT http://localhost/testdb/_design/test -d '{"filters":{"everything":"function(doc, req){return true;}"}}'

5) Apply the filter to the _changes command

curl -X GET http://localhost/testdb/_changes?filter=test/everything&since=0

Now you will see something like this:

    "error": "error",
    "reason": "{timeout,{gen_server,call,
<<\"function(doc, req){return true;}\">>}]}}]},

This is with version 2.1.1, I've confirmed that the version 2.1.1-1 (not released yet) works (at least for this case), which you can find here.

If your problem happens on windows or linux, you might want to downgrade to version 2.1.0 or 2.0.

Hope this helps

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