How do I handle the push notification click in angular service worker. The SWPush does not have any methods.

I have tried referencing a js which listens to the "notificationclick" event handler but it never got fired on the click of the notification button.


Call SWPush#requestSubscription. Here's a good article


I had to update my package.json to:

"@angular/service-worker": "7.1.0"

then this worked for me:

this.swPush.notificationClicks.subscribe((result) => {
      console.log('clicked', result);

I suggest to update angular to at least Angular version 7.1.0 ( I would suggest to maintain up to date ). With this, you can now subscribe to notificationClicks

In the constructor inject SwPush then use it with:

   this.swPush.notificationClicks.subscribe( arg =>
       'Action: ' + arg.action,
       'Notification data: ' + arg.notification.data,
       'Notification data.url: ' + arg.notification.data.url,
       'Notification data.body: ' + arg.notification.body,


If you don't want to update you should watch the file ngsw-worker.js with Webpack or gulp or etc. And then after the line with this.scope.addEventListener('push', (event) => this.onPush(event)); add the following:

this.scope.addEventListener('notificationclick', (event) => {
    console.log('Notification event', event);
    var payload = event.notification.data;

    if (event.action && payload.actions && payload.actions.includes(event.action) 
       clients.openWindow && event.notification.data.url) {

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