I installed pytorch using conda command when the virtual env was activated.

But, there are some problems when I import torch modules in Jupyter Notebook.

I checked the sys.path both in the prompt and in Jupyter Notebook.

Well.. in the prompt, the result of sys.path is

['', '/home/usrname/anaconda3/lib/python36.zip',

and there are no errors when I import torch modules.

But, in the jupyter notebook(executed in chrome), the sys.path is


and I see an error: No module named 'torch'

I can't solve this problem...

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I had the same issues with this but managed to solve the problem. I think PyTorch has an 'issue' with the regular Jupyter application in Anaconda, so I urge you to first install the numpy jupyter notebook that supports PyTorch, then you can launch you notebook again. Use (while in your virtual env path):

conda install numpy jupyter notebook

Hope this helps.


You need to create a kernel in the virtual envs and choose that kernel in the jupyter.


This works for me:

1.Create a conda virtual environment:

conda create -n env_pytorch python=3.6

2.Active this environment create above:

source activate env_pytorch

3.Install PyTorch with pip or pip3:

pip install torchvision --user

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