I have models Transaction and Option, that have many to many relationship. The pivot table transaction_options has columns transaction_id, option_id and price. I have defined the relationships in the models like this:

Transaction model:

public function options()
    return $this->belongsToMany('App\Option', 'transaction_options')->withPivot('price');

Option model:

public function transactions()
    return $this->belongsToMany('App\Transaction', 'transaction_options')->withPivot('price');

I am wondering how can I save something in the pivot table, I have tried something like this, but it is not working:

   foreach($data->options as $option) {
            'transaction_id' => $transaction->id,
            'extras_id'      => $option->extraId,
            'option_id'      => $option->id,
            'price'          => $option->price

How can I do this?


Pass the extra field as a value to attach function

$transaction->options()->attach([$request['id'] => ['price' => $request['price']]]);


From what I can see, you should use your code like this:

foreach ($data->options as $option) {
    $transaction->options()->attach($option->id, ['price' => $option->price])

You can pass pivot data as the second parameter:

foreach($data->options as $option) {
        ['extras_id' => $option->extraId],
        ['price' => $option->price]

You also don't need to pass both transaction_id and option_id, they will be inserted automatically.

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