Is it possible in PyTorch to change the learning rate of the optimizer in the middle of training dynamically (I don't want to define a learning rate schedule beforehand)?

So let's say I have an optimizer:

optim = torch.optim.SGD(model.parameters(), lr=0.01)

Now due to some tests which I perform during training, I realize my learning rate is too high so I want to change it to say 0.001. There doesn't seem to be a method optim.set_lr(0.001) but is there some way to do this?


So the learning rate is stored in optim.param_groups[i]['lr']. optim.param_groups is a list of the different weight groups which can have different learning rates. Thus, simply doing:

for g in optim.param_groups:
    g['lr'] = 0.001

will do the trick.

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