When clicking on a location type in the output window of eclipse, you can go to that file (location). I would like to be able to trigger this with a method in rascal.

So to be clear, I have the location of a java method, I would like to trigger eclipse to focus on this file through rascal.

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You are looking for openEditor in util::ValueUI.

First import util::ValueUI;, then try


and an editor for the Map module will open.

Take a look at the util::Editors module. It contains an edit function that opens any file you pass it, with the relevant editor, with optional highlights.

Note, that if you have a logical location like java+method://... you will have to lookup the actual physical location of the method in the m3 model using IO:resolveLocation, and use that. For example:

rascal>import IO;
loc: |project://impulse/src/io/usethesource/impulse/language/LanguageRegistry.java|(15638,134,<433,8>,<436,9>)

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