I'm trying to access CouchDB through Apache VirtualHost proxy by passing url with a specific prefix to a destination where the CouchDB server is running, e.g. whatever.com/db to localhost:5984 - according to many examples on ProxyPass it should be as simple as

ProxyPass /db/ http://localhost:5984/
ProxyPassReverse /db/ http://localhost:5984/

which works for ingoing connections (whatever.com/db/_utils gets Fauxton) but outgoing seems to ignore the ProxyPassReverse rule as the /db prefix is not added, leading to 404 (e.g. getting /_session instead of the desired /db/_session).

I tried many variations (adding ProxyPreserveHost On, rewriting the example to RewriteRule instead of ProxyPass, using <Location /db> ...) but nothing helps.

Is this solvable solely by Apache? Does CouchDB provide some config option for this (I tried to search the docs for something like urlPrefix without success)?

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