I'm looking to convert a PS1 file to an .exe file so I can roll it out to less technical users.

I believe it'll be much easier for them if all they need to do is double-click it vs explaining how to run through PowerShell.

How can I achieve this?



Use PS2EXE-GUI instead of this online tool that forces you to upload your script and creates a security breach if you have confidential information inside your script.


You have a few paid and unpaid solutions. I agree with last answer, do not use online tools unless you are sure they are not keeping your code and you trust them.

There are two free ones that come to mind:


PS1 To EXE by F2KO (Make sure t it is the local install command line interface, not the web one)

The Paid ones are:

PowerShell Studio

ISE Steroids 2.0 Enterprise

Noted: I think the free ones should be fine for most uses. I do like PowerShell Studio though.

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