I just installed Rascal and Eclipse (4.7.2) on Windows 10. I've imported CLaiR (C Language Analysis in Rascal) and am trying to parse an existing C program

rascal>import lang::cpp::AST; ok rascal>parseCpp(|file:///c:/users/user/testme.cpp|)

I get a little over a screenful of information. The last line looks truncated and the last 3 characters are ...

Am I right? How do I increase how much is shown?
I've tried: 1. Windows, Preferences, Terminal, Terminal Buffer Lines = 1000000 2. Windows, Preferences, Run/Debug, Console, Console Buffer Size = 1000000

Any other ideas?

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We indeed truncate the output of the result of an REPL command.

If you pass the value into iprintln (i for indented), you will get the full value. There is also iprintToFile to write it to a file. Another option is to use the functions util::ValueUI to view the value as either a collapsable tree, indented text, or a graph.

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