Is there a way to get a list of all the jobs currently in the queue and running? Basically, I want to know if a job of given class is already there, I don't want to insert my other job. I've seen other option but I want to do it this way.

I can see here how to get the list of jobs in the queue.

queue = Sidekiq::Queue.new("mailer")
queue.each do |job|
  job.klass # => 'MyWorker'

from what I understand this will not include processing/running jobs. Any way to get them?


if you want to list all currently running jobs from console, try this

workers = Sidekiq::Workers.new
workers.each do |_process_id, _thread_id, work|
  p work

a work is a hash.

to list all queue data.

queue = Sidekiq::Queue.all
queue.each do |job|
  p job.klass, job.args, job.jid

for a specific queue change this to Sidekiq::Queue.new('queue_name')

similarly you can get all scheduled jobs using Sidekiq::ScheduledSet.new

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running jobs:

Sidekiq::Workers.new.each do |_process_id, _thread_id, work|
  p work

queued jobs across all queues:

Sidekiq::Queue.all.each do |queue|
  # p queue.name, queue.size
  queue.each do |job|
    p job.klass, job.args

Assuming you passed the Hash as the argument to Sidekiq when you enqueued.

args = {
  "student_id": 1,
  "student_name": "Michael Moore"


Then anywhere from your application, you could retrieve it as following

      ss = Sidekiq::ScheduledSet.new
      student_id_list = ss.map{|job| job['args'].first["student_id"]}

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