I have an Angular "Quiz" application and use rxjs 5.5.2 to implement a service with some business logic. I have an issue with my rxjs flow that causes unexpected execution of function multiple times.

The repro steps:

  1. call startNewQuiz to set new quiz as active
  2. call answerQuestion several times to answer quiz questions. Each answer triggers flow defined in constructor
  3. call startNewQuiz once again to start another quiz

The problem is that on step 3 call to startNewQuiz triggers doStuffWithQuiz multiple times. Debugging shows that this is because this.activeQuiz$ emits a value on step 3 and triggers doStuffWithQuiz. And since I have called answerQuestion multiple times before on step 2 - doStuffWithQuiz also called multiple times. The only reason of using activeQuiz$ in the flow is to get current quiz and pass it futher to pipe.

I want my answerQuestionSubject flow to be executed only when I push something to answerQuestionSubject and avoid triggering of doStuffWithQuiz when something pushed to activeQuiz$.

So how can I accomplish it?

export class QuizFlowService {

  // to keep current active quiz
  private activeQuiz$ = new ReplaySubject<Quiz>(1);

  private answerQuestionSubject = new Subject<Answer>();


  constructor() {
    // setup flow for answers
          // this is just to get active quiz and pass it futher
          () => this.activeQuiz$
      flatMap((quiz) => {
        // it is called multiple time on step 3

  // starts new quiz
  startNewQuiz(quiz: Quiz) {

  // triggers answer flow
  answerQuestion(answer: Answer) {

You should use the first operator in your first flatMap

    () => this.activeQuiz$.first()

Since activeQuiz is a subject it can emit multiple times. (what is happening in step 3), however you are only concerned with the getting the active quiz (1 value). With first you will only listen for 1 value/emission.

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    Got it, thanks. It fixed the issue. – Philipp Bocharov Jan 20 '18 at 7:17

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