this is the first time I ask a question on this forum: p I made an android application that must work in the background ie when the phone is on standby to be able to recover the location of the user. I use a service and wakelock. The application works on SAMSUNG but I noticed that HUAWEI kills the application if it is not in the list of protected applications. So I create a dialog box to tell the user to activate the application in the list of protected applications as shown here: Keeping a periodic service active while the phone is locked Since my app should run on all android phones I will want to know if there are other phones brands that kill the app when the phone is idle to do the same thing please. Thank you in advance :)

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    does your service call startForeground() ? – Lluis Felisart Jan 19 at 21:47

Holding a wakelock probably isn't what you want, since that doesn't necessarily protect your process from getting killed. The best thing you can do to increase the priority of your app's process is by making sure your Service runs in the foreground.

On Android O, the new way you get that to work is through startForegroundService(Intent)

This will put a notification in the notification tray which will tell the Android OS that your process is currently working. Then be sure to stop the service once your task is done.

For more information on Services in general, I'd check out the Service documentation. This will show you how to add the notification with the correct text.

It might also be helpful to brush up on how background processes work in Android O by checking out the Background Process documentation. If you're following that correctly (and starting in the foreground), your process should be as resilient as possible across all manufacturers.

The app I'm working on needs to run in background and uses a foreground service to this end. Starting from Android 8+ (maybe not only for these versions) many Huawei users are reporting that the app is being closed (W/O any notice) 6 7 minutes after the screen gets locked (I'm not see here and here).

Indeed, Huawei devices kill running apps by default to optimize battery consumption (cool right?). AFAIK there is no way to programmatically workaround this behavior. Many developers suggest users how to whitelist the app (see for example: Endomondo). I'm also looking for a way to programmatically detect the optimization in order to at least warn users. Here you can find a possible solution but I haven't had time yet to give it a try.

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