I have this li tag

<li className='u-cursor--pointer u-padding-vertical-small c-start-retro-line'
  onClick={() => this.handleProjectSelection(project.get('id'))} >
  <i className='fa fa-square' style={{color: project.get('color')}}></i>
  {project.get('name') === 'default' ? 'No Project' : project.get('name')}

And I need to add an space between the <i></i> tag and what's inside the {} {project.get('name') === 'default' ? 'No Project' : project.get('name')}

How can I do this? I tried <span></span> but It doesn't work (I need an extra space, not a new line)


You can try:

1) Either {' '} or {" "}:

    <i className="..."></i>
    {' '}my text

2) Simply use the HTML entity &nbsp;:

    <i className="..."></i>
    &nbsp;my text

3) Alternatively, you could insert spaces in the strings:

    <i className="..."></i>
    {project.get('name') === 'default' ? ' No Project' : ` ${project.get('name')}`}

In the last example, notice the use of string substitution.


You can also use &nbsp in dangerouslySetInnerHTML when printing html content

<div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html: 'sample html text: &nbsp;'}} />

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