If we can connect a WhatsApp group to telegram group and get messages from whatsapp to telegram and vice versa then that will be great. Is any bot program available to do that. How to setup a bridge or something like that?

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Yes. There is a repository called wat-bridge using which you can connect WhatsApp and Telegram. wat-bridge will act as a member in a whatsapp group and read all messages and then pass it to Telegram bot. Detailed instructions about setting up wat-bridge bot is available in this blog

wat-bridge is released under MIT License and the source code is available in github

There is also a Video Tutorial about setting up this bot which is available in Youtube

NB: This number may get banned by whatsapp by using yowsup, so use at your own risk! Also, don’t use your primary WhatsApp number for this, use a number which isn’t registred with WhatsApp yet.

Update : This solution is not working now. use matterbridge which make use of whatsapp web api (reverse engineered) full tutorial is here

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    There is also a fork of wat-bridge by a user called Spechide which provides more features such as media file transfer, sender's name along with the messages, etc. github.com/SpEcHiDe/wat-bridge Jan 20, 2018 at 7:55

You can't do this since WhatsApp doesn't provide Bot API.

But Telegram API is available for free, you can connect it to your own services.

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