It seems like PouchDB doesn't allow me to listen to _users db, even if I'm logged in as admin.

I'm using socket-pouch and pouchdb-authentication to work with PouchDB. Firstly I'm logging in with pouchdb-authentication and then trying to subscribe to specified database with socket-pouch.

It works just fine for pretty much any ordinary database, but I'm keep getting 401 error when trying to sync with _users database, even if I'm logged in as admin:

Uncaught (in promise) n {error: "unauthorized", name: "unauthorized", 
reason: "You are not a server admin.", message: "You are not a server 
admin.", status: 401, …}

Is it possible to sync with _users database with PouchDB?

The _users database is easily accessible via curl, so my admin credentials are correct.


I have just omitted socket-pouch and it worked. It seems like that error is happening because of some socket-pouch bugs, not PouchDB itself.

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