I am having problem using the Entity Framework 4 with MySQL connector 6.3.6. I have made MySQL dabase to utf8 - default collation to use the unicode on my website. The problem is that I can read the unicode to my website from the database by when I try to save the unicode string using entity framework 4 it put question marks on my database. I even set up the Unicode property from the Visual Studio designer but to no avail. Am I missing something or is there something you have to do to make entity framework write unicode to the database?


Ok after alot of research it turns out that the MySQL connector 6.3.6 got a connection string parameter 'charset=utf8'. you need to add this to your connection string.


create connectionstring with 'charset=utf8' it on Web.config file

<add name="con" connectionString="server=localhost;Uid=root;password=;database=webpro;charset=utf8 "  />    

In my case, somehow unicode configuration was disabled in context, here the solution is to set true value for .IsUnicode(true) Instead of .IsUnicode(false)

            .Property(e => e.CenterCode)

Let's enjoy this trick.

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