I just installed django using pip but when I try to create a new project using django-admin I get "bash: django-admin: command not found". I tried installing django in a virtualenv but I'm still getting the same error when trying to create a new project.

While I was trying to solve this issue I found this: Installing Django with pip, django-admin not found

The last answer is saying that django-admin may not be on the path. Can anyone explain me please what does this mean?

If I run "find / -name django-admin.py" I get this:


Can anyone give me some help please? Thank you.

  • could you try to replace the django-admin command with one of these first two line codes? also, check your virtualenv. it's looking like not created. if created, make sure you activated it.. – user5721897 Apr 8 '18 at 14:20

You have installed Django using your account instead of sudo

so do the following to resolve this

$ pip3 uninstall django

$ sudo pip3 install django

This is the output

$which django-admin
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I had the same problem. My "solution" was to call django-admin directly like

/usr/local/bin/django-admin startproject MyProject
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I also experienced this error but none of the above works for me. This is how I got this silly mistake of me. Example,

$ mkdir django_test cd django_test
$ pipenv shell
(django_test)$ django-admin startproject django_test .
zsh:command not found: django-admin

To solve this error: Don't forget to install your django version in your virtual environment first if you are using.

$ mkdir django_test cd django_test
$ pipenv shell
(django_test)$ pipenv install django==3.0.5 # change the version you are using
(django_test)$ django-admin startproject .

Terminal commands

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