Downloaded code from https://github.com/cmfcmf/OpenWeatherMap-PHP-Api

I am following instructions that mention in the README file. I have run these following command.

composer require "cmfcmf/openweathermap-php-api"
Using version ^2.2 for cmfcmf/openweathermap-php-api
./composer.json has been updated
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

Problem 1 - The requested package cmfcmf/openweathermap-php-api No version set (parsed as 1.0.0) is satisfiable by cmfcmf/openweathermap-php-api[No version set (parsed as 1.0.0)] but these conflict with your requirements or minimum-stability.

Installation failed, reverting ./composer.json to its original content.

EDIT Composer.json file.


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