My Firestore database include words with accent characters, such as the acute (é), tilde (ñ), umlaut (ü), and cedilla (ç).

I've created a custom index to order by this field, but the words with such characters are not correctly positioned.

Example of expected order:

["Água", "Amigo", "Barro", "Casa"]

What I'm getting from Firestore:

["Amigo", "Barro", "Casa", "Água"]

My query is as such:

let query = historyRef.whereField("createdByUserID", isEqualTo: state.loggedUser.uid).order(by: "itemName", descending: false)

Any pointers on how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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You can order your array collection like this:

var array = ["Amigo", "Barro", "Casa", "Água"]

array = array.sorted(by: {
    $0.lowercased().folding(options: .diacriticInsensitive, locale: .current)
    $1.lowercased().folding(options: .diacriticInsensitive, locale: .current)
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  • Thanks, Haroldo! It worked. I used the following adapted code and it worked perfectly: array = array.sorted(by: { (item1, item2) -> Bool in item1.lowercased().folding(options: .diacriticInsensitive, locale: .current) < item2.lowercased().folding(options: .diacriticInsensitive, locale: .current) }) It would be nice though if Firestore could handle this directly. – rfarias Jan 22 '18 at 23:42

As far as I know, Firebase has no built-in option to sort ignoring diacritical marks. What you can do is add a foldedName property to your objects, and then have Firebase sort on that. To get this folded name, use

itemName.folding(options: [.diacriticInsensitive, .caseInsensitive], locale: Locale.current)
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  • Thanks, Gereon. Used your answer with Haroldo's below. – rfarias Jan 22 '18 at 23:45

I also had an issue sorting strings with diacritic marks (i.e., "Pâté"). I was using NSSortDescriptor to sort items fetched from Core Data, but it turns out that NSSortDescriptor can't sort this kind of strings well.

So I fetched the array of items without a NSSortDescriptor, then I manually sorted them with:

func sortArray() {
   array.sort(by: { item1, item2 in
      return item1.itemName?.localizedStandardCompare((item2.itemName)!) == .orderedAscending } )
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