Functions like joinpath use the appropriate OS-dependent separator when joining two paths (ie / on Linux, \\ on Windows, etc). How do these functions know what separator to use?

Similarly, the root directory on Linux is /, but on Windows is probably C:\\. Is there a way to retrieve the OS-dependent root directory in Julia?

Note, I've had a look at the joinpath source on github, and it appears to use an undocumented function pathsep(a,b) and a global variable path_separator_re, but I can't see how either of these work.

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It uses the Sys.isunix and Sys.iswindows functions in order to conditionally define the correct path_separator_re variables, etc.

if Sys.isunix()
    # ...
    const path_separator_re = r"/+"
    # ...

    splitdrive(path::String) = ("",path)
elseif Sys.iswindows()
    # ...
    const path_separator_re = r"[/\\]+"
    # ...

    function splitdrive(path::String)
        m = match(r"^([^\\]+:|\\\\[^\\]+\\[^\\]+|\\\\\?\\UNC\\[^\\]+\\[^\\]+|\\\\\?\\[^\\]+:|)(.*)$", path)
        String(m.captures[1]), String(m.captures[2])
    error("path primitives for this OS need to be defined")

For the root directory, check out the homedir function, which uses libuv to determine it.

help?> homedir search: homedir

homedir() -> AbstractString Return the current user's home directory.

| Note | | homedir determines the home directory via libuv's uv_os_homedir. For details (for example on how to specify the home | directory via environment variables), see the uv_os_homedir documentation.

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