I am using pouchDB and CouchDB I have 10K records/Document in my database, at a time 10,000 records load in list its take long time to load in list, so now I want 20 - 20 records/Document load in my list.

Is it possible ? if yes then how ?


  • Anything is possible. What have you tried? Show us your code. What problems are you having with it? – Flimzy Jan 22 '18 at 14:46

If you are retrieving all docs in PouchDB check allDocs API

You should use the following options for paginating the document retrieval

  • options.limit: Maximum number of documents to return.
  • options.skip: Number of docs to skip before returning (warning: poor performance on IndexedDB/LevelDB!).

    CouchDB has similar options for bulk retrieval

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