I have read the docs for logging in node.js using the winston package.

My question: Do I need to add my logging module to every single page that requires logging.. or does winston somehow intercept console.log and console.error.

thanks for your time.

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Normally, you'd need to require your logger in the modules that use it.

However, you can follow the suggestion made by @spmason in the gist logging.js or what @fega suggests in his comment to redefine the properties of the console Object:

console.log = (...args) => logger.info.call(logger, ...args);
console.info = (...args) => logger.info.call(logger, ...args);
console.warn = (...args) => logger.warn.call(logger, ...args);
console.error = (...args) => logger.error.call(logger, ...args);
console.debug = (...args) => logger.debug.call(logger, ...args);

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