Recently, In my tizen web app, I have been playing with .m3u8 format video files and it works perfectly in samsung AV player. (http://developer.samsung.com/tv/develop/api-references/samsung-product-api-references/avplay-api)

But when it comes to .m3u playlist format, it does not automatically detects the video in there. Do i need to configure anything in here? Am i missing something?

Not sure how to make the .m3u fomat work in this player. Any help would be much appreciated.


Figured out the solution. Actually av player has .m3u format support, but it will not work in simulator. We need to test it in real TV device to play the contents of .m3u format.

And also don't forget to set the required privilege for the application to get the video from outside world in config.xml file.


  • is it worked for anyone? as i am not having device/TV i need to arrange. May 4 '20 at 11:29

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