I'm trying to use leaflet with a wmts-service without plugin. here the very basic setup:

<-- language: javascript -->

map = L.map('mymap').setView([50.884639, 6.095102], 5);


-> jsfiddle

My problem: the map won't focus in the right position. when manually scrolled/focused in place it displays correct.


Unfortunately your WMTS service is in EPSG 25832, which is not included by default in Leaflet. (List of available CRS by default)

You will have to define it first, or use a plugin like Proj4Leaflet to define the map CRS.

  • thx for taking the time :) the service also allows for EPSG:3857, but this does not bring any results ... within the map – H_classen Jan 23 '18 at 11:02

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