I'm looking for open source DMS/EDM solution.

So i'm seeing :

  1. Jackrabbit
    • project seems dead
  2. Modeshape:
  3. Jackrabbit oak:
    • I'm little bit confused by the documentation.
    • I didn't see rest-api?
  4. Nuxeo
    • They seems have everything that i need.
    • Their rest-api appears to me good?
    • But i didn't understead if it's free or not.

I think, this kind of question was done almost 7 years ago: What does ModeShape offer that JackRabbit doesn't?

So what it is your opinion on this subject ? Did i miss something ?
Do you known others solutions?
Do you known if one is better than others?


Nuxeo is Open Source and is free for use. Nuxeo customers pay for support and additional services.


Jackrabbit "classic" is in maintenance mode. Jackrabbit Oak is very active.

Regarding the documentation: what exactly are you looking for? In doubt, mail the users mailing list.

Regarding HTTP API: there are various ways to expose Oak over HTTP, such as using Apache Sling or Jackrabbit WebDAV...

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